Inspired by @JessicaBalboni
  1. Okay, so based on his established preferences we're looking for blonde, model, preferably 18-25 with upwards to 29, even though that's pushing it, who is not married.
  2. Some actresses are eligible.
  3. Not really brunette unless they're bronde. Exhibit A.
  4. I feel like he's dated most of them? Who's left?
  5. Okay. How do I optimize my search for this?
  6. Let's try 'top working models'
  7. Oh! There's a list of top 50 models!
  8. Oh I have heard of none of these people.
  9. They're not really famous, are they?
  10. Okay scratch that, let's look at this list of highest paid models. Okay here we go.
  11. Some brunettes.
  12. 32? Too old. 41? Oh no no no.
  13. Most of these are married.
  14. I think he already dated those three.
  15. Apparently tried to date Cara Delevingne and she rejected him so that's a no.
  16. Kate Upton? No dated her.
  17. Karlie Kloss? Apparently he 'had his eyes in her' a few years ago. Did they already date? Can someone confirm or deny? Oh not single anyways.
  18. Gigi Hadid. Gorgeous, and only 20!
  19. Martha hunt. 26 biffles with TSwift, VS model. Not single.
  20. Romee Strijd, 20 VS model. Seems like a top contender. Oh, not single.
  21. Nina Agdal, 23, Sports Illustrated model, but has dated Adam Levine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. Hmm I really don't know that many models.
  23. Okay. Let's look at actresses
  24. Top 30 under 30. Perfect!
  25. Britt Robertson? 25 and is an up and comer in movies.
  26. Analeigh Tipton! This seems pretty perfect, former model, current actress, can tow the bronde line. Just under the wire at 27. Ding ding ding!
  27. Oh she's dating Jake McDorman. Oh nice. You go, girl.
  28. Imogen Poots? 26 and adorable
  29. Chloe Moretz? Freshly 18. Though I feel she has much too much sense for such nonsense.
  30. Annasophia Robb? 22 and supes adorable. Former child star so they'd have a lot to talk about.
  31. Nicola Peltz? 21 and a working actor who also seems model-y
  32. Alright I'm already exhausted.
  33. Any suggestions?
  34. Doing this all for you, Leo.