It's looking like it's trendy to shit on this from all my 'intellectual' friends. What were you expecting, NPR on ice?
  1. I don't thiiiiiiink people care about spoilers.
  2. But I guess I won't be a dick about it.
  3. John Stamos can do no wrong.
    And how does he still look like that? Christ.
  4. This is what happens when child actors grow up, don't train, and are told they can act.
    Some can. These ones cannot.
  5. The talent gap between the adults and grown up kids is very apparent.
  6. Djs life is mirroring Danny's pretty exactly and he doesn't have more to say on the matter? Very suspicious 😒
  7. Okay Steve is like the best part of this. Scott Weinger's comedic timing is actually good! And I forgot how adorbs he is. *sigh* Steve 😍
  8. I might be the only one distracted by Candace Cameron's newly acquired Midwestern accent?
  9. A lot of this is cheesy but I have to admit, I have already genuinely laughed out loud!
  10. Sometimes silly humor where we get to turn our brain off is fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I'm a little concerned about myself that I'm finding myself attracted to older Bob Saget. Oh dear.
  12. Candace Cameron has crazy eyes. I'm a lil scared of her tbh.
  13. On the fence about how I feel with all the meta jokes. It's cute but seems a little heavy handed at times.
  14. The boy who plays Max might just be the cutest little child actor in the world.
    His name is Elias Harger and he is a GDAMN JOY.
  15. I don't really remember how Michelle originally played into the plot lines but I thought it was more than what they're doing with Tommy. He kind of seems like a living prop. Was she initially a prop?
  16. Instead of playing to all the old catchphrases I wish they would have explained them away with getting older but oh well.
  17. This was clearly made for the adults who grew up watching this, not really for current kids. Anyone complaining one way or the other, I don't know what you expected.
  18. I guess I never realized the original started airing before I was born. Huh.
  19. This is pretty cheesy, but the original was also pretty cheesy.
  20. I do like that the three central characters are women.
  21. Though there are still some iffy storylines.
    Like Dj wanting to start her own clinic but then doesn't have to because dr hottie offers for them to be partners. Like Stephanie having to break up with Hunter Pence because she's a 'jinx'. Kimmy's weird relationship getting back with her ex that cheated on her, multiple times.
  22. Though that they *yeah okay spoiler* all choose to be alone and decide they don't need men to complete them? Okay yeah that's pretty cool.
  23. Yeah, the pilot was a mess, but I thought overall the show had its moments and enjoyed it. WHATEVER.
  24. Though Kimmy Gibbler ☹️☹️☹️
    I never liked her.