If he ever gets li.st, this was all an elaborate joke.
  1. In an out-of-character turn of events, I have developed a ridiculous crush on a bartender at my local bar.
  2. He is the hottest person I have ever seen in real life.
  3. He is the Sam to my Dean.
  4. He is the Chris Evans to my Jenny Slate
  5. Seriously, it's bad.
  6. On top of that, he's funny, goofy, not caught up in being macho, also an actor, just really sweet. He also lives like a block from me which is just very convenient?
  7. We're buddies and we always sit in his section if we can. He definitely flirts with me. I am the first person to disbelieve a guy is into me. @gremlin has confirmed that there's definitely something there. He even dances for me. It's the best.
  8. And last night when we left the bar, he kept his eyes locked on mine for like 3 seconds too long. Only ending because I literally had to turn to walk out the door.
  9. HELP. What do I do.
  10. He's at work when I see him so I don't expect him to initiate.
  11. But we have a lot in common and always chat about stuff, he's just usually busy, like, having to do his job 😒 so it's hard to talk that much.
  12. But I also don't want to make anything weird or uncomfortable or become some creepy thirsty chick (there were a few that came in 20min to close last night and he kept sneaking me side glances like 😏🙄)
  13. So what are my options?
  14. How do I make it so I take my shot but it's also super low pressure?
  15. The other bartender that's into stef literally stalked her on Instagram and got her digits.
  16. Should I take a page out of his crazy book?
  17. Should I just leave it alone?
  18. @saytrumbo i think you gave me some advice on it the other week but I don't remember.
  20. Giphy