My new walk-in closet in LA is full. These are all clothes I brought with me from New York and I shit you not, left like 8 bags of clothes to donate. These are my excuses for being a hoarder.
  1. I'm disgustingly sentimental.
    I still have pretty much every tshirt I've ever gotten. I even still have a shirt I got at the Grand Canyon when I was 14. It still fits but there's a giant tear in the underarm and I still wear it. [insert emo/punk band from the early oughts] tshirt, still have it from that show I went to. If I can sleep in it, it stays.
  2. I love a deal.
    I worked in retail and got a loooot of deals from discovered marked down gems in the stock room. $10-40 pairs of designer denim, fancy dresses, online exclusives. I LOVE a good deal. It's bad but oh oh so good.
  3. Sentimental part 2
    I'm getting better at this, but since figuring out the celiacs thing I've dropped sizes. I'm slowly but surely letting things go that are too big despite the voice in the back of my head insisting that I'll gain a bunch of weight again and shouldn't jump the gun. 👿 Shut up voice. Let me live my life.
  4. I travel shop.
    Haven't flown international in a while but I always get this serious shopping FOMO when I go abroad. I have 2 pairs of these drop crotch pants from Thailand because I couldn't get them for those prices here! Of course I can't because wearing them in public makes me look like a lunatic. Mostly pieces I wear once in a blue moon but still keep/love for sentimental/travel reasons.
  5. I'm stubborn AF
    Some of my things on the journey over were privy to some unfortunate moth action 😫. Whenever this happens I usually ignore it. I know it looks djanky and horrible and I should toss them. But a perfectly good (,and expensive 😠) piece of clothing shouldn't be ruined by a moth spot. So I consciously ignore. FUCK YOU MOTH.
  6. I go through phases
    I have an addictive/obsessive personality and tend to go through phases of fixating on weird things. I had a phase where I bought a lot of knee-high socks, a phases of v strappy high heels, casual button-ups, printed pants etc. but I don't get rid of them because, you know, could be useful?
  7. I have mood pieces
    I really wish I could be like one of those glamorous French women you hear about that has like 5 designer pieces in neutrals that they space a foot apart in their closet and playfully rotate through. I am a mess with too many personality whims. I like being able to dress like a pin-up or retro librarian or scary rocker chick or ethereal fairy princess or tomboy menswear chic whenever I want.
  8. Because clothes are fun and FUCK IT my material possessions make me happy.
  9. I've heard you can take things with you when you die.