Not many people watch this which is A SHAME. Get on it people!
  1. First off, Sutton Foster is a dream human and I love everything she does.
  2. The concept takes a really pointed and complicated look at what it's like to be an aging woman i.e. every woman, and what sometimes has to be done to get ahead.
  3. It tackles feminism and ageism in one fell swoop.
  4. If you don't know the premise, it's about Liza, a recently divorced mom who left publishing to raise her daughter. She needs to get back in the workforce and has trouble being taken seriously/finding a position that matches her skills. So what is a gal to do? She pretends she's 26 and lands an assistant job at a publishing house.
  5. She lives with her best friend, Maggie, in Williamsburg, an artist and lesbian and badass bitch and accidentally starts dating a hot tattoo artist who happens to be 26 (get it girl!).
  6. It features strong female friendships!
    Maggie always has her back and even lets her live with her in her loft. Liza makes friends with a girl at her company, Kelsey, and they become immediate friends. Their other friend Lauren is always there for them as well. Even her icy boss, Diana, gives her breaks that can melt a heart.
  7. It shows women succeeding professionally and solving problems themselves.
  8. It shows how awkward it is to be young and trying to figure out your place while still feeding your ambition.
  9. It shows how complicated relationships are in a realistic manner. (At least realistic for New York, which is my frame of reference).
  10. There is an on screen romance between a 40 year old woman and 26 year old man.
  11. Lauren has a fluid sexuality and ends up with Maggie, another 40/26 split
  12. It shows that life after having a grown kid doesn't mean you're dead.
  13. And that starting your life over at any point is hard, but not impossible, and maybe necessary.
  14. It continuously brings up these important and thought-provoking issues in an organic and non-preachy way.
  15. And that a woman's age, younger or older, does not denote her inherit worth.
  16. And that in the work force there is a catch-22 of being too young to be taken seriously and too old to have worthwhile, fresh opinions.
  17. It's a pretty realistic view of what it's like to be a millennial in the city.
  18. All the female characters are three dimensional and are constantly figuring out what they want and need.
  19. Which is probably because their writing staff is made up of millennials.
  20. It's funny! It's smart! They never sacrifice one for the gain of the other!
  21. Go watch it! Thank me later.