Inspired by @LizDawson and other people
  1. Make an effort
    Anyone who feels like they don't need to try is free to leave at anytime.
  2. Be able to do fast math
    I'm talking quick human calculator shit. I'm a weird lil nerd y'all. Not mandatory by any means, but oh damn.
  3. Read books. Be able to talk about and debate books and authors with me.
  4. Have favorite non-fiction genres or areas they're an expert on they want to talk about? 😍
  5. Be a feminist in his actions and self-proclamation but not feel the need to say he's a feminist as if that wins him some kind of medal.
  6. Smile at me and talk to me in that way as if I'm the only one in the room
  7. Dress like he cares about his impressions
    Well fitting pants, tailored button ups with sleeves rolled, shoes that go with the outfit
  8. Put his hand around on my waist in that indent that's right before the butt territory when we're in public.
    Not a gross pda, just enough to be territorial
  9. Rest his head on mine
  10. Look me right in the eyes when he talks to me
  11. Whisper jokes to me that are just for us in a crowded room
  12. Hold my hand
  13. Kisses in that spot on my neck between my ear and nape
  14. Cooking, grilling, making an effort about food etc
  15. Ask me questions about me, specifically something he knows is going on or something following up to something we talked about a few days ago
  16. Recommend me bands I would like
    Aka the modern mixtape
  17. Do stupid physical comedy to make me laugh
  18. Little things like helping me zip up my sweater without even asking
  19. Not take it personally when I need space and alone time
    And on the flip, ask for his alone time instead of secretly resenting not having it after the fact.
  20. Know whiskeys and order me the perfect one based on how I'm feeling
  21. Have said drink waiting for me when I arrive
  22. Even if he's twice my size, sometimes want to be the little spoon
  23. Tell me I'm pretty
    I'm probably one of the most secure people you'll meet, but I still want to know my boy thinks I'm pretty damn.
  24. Be a responsible adult that owns his shit.
  25. Say what he means and means what he says.
  26. Verbally spar (playfully, not seriously)
  27. Respect my intelligence and capabilities