Yes, some are totally ruining it for the rest of us. But sometimes it's not a choice and is medical. We're all learning, always here to educate, but when you say these things in front of people who CAN'T eat it, you look as ignorant as those you're judging who can and choose not to. 🙏🏼 don't be this person.
  1. Oh aren't you trendy!
    Being sick is trendy?! Well, golly gee whiz!
  2. Oh, you're one of those. (@gremlin)
    A cute, delightful, loveable human just living her life????!
  3. I don't really believe in that whole gluten intolerance thing.
    Wow! Are you a doctor who has done specific research on it?? I'd love to read your work! No but seriously I would because there's not enough research on it.
  4. You're so lucky you don't have to be tempted by this stuff! Nom Nom Nom ugh I'm so fat.
    Oh I'm tempted, I just know if I eat it I'll die ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. You're so lucky, you're going to be so skinny!
    Yes, not only do I judge my self-worth by my body size but you're so right! The main thing I'm thinking about is thinness, not all the things I can't eat and that every time I go out to eat I could get so sick I'm in bed for a day!
  6. You're so lucky, it's like you're being forced to be healthy!
    Wow, that sounds super fun! If you need me I'll be at home eating gf Cheetos, pudding, ice cream, bread, brownies and pasta!!! Bye! 😁
  7. Good luck visiting Italy 😬
    Aw man, you're right, I was just going to stay above a restaurant where I would solely alternate between my room and eating pasta. If only I could change my entire life circumstances to make my travel more convenient. Oh well, guess I'll have to focus on seeing the sights! Darn it all!!
  8. Wow, I feel really bad for you!
    Wow, I feel really bad for you that you can't interact with humans without being a tactless jumble of garbage!
  9. Y'all. Stop. I beg you.