Oh I love this prompt!
  1. I'm Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl
  2. Virgo, Scorpio Rising, Aries Moon
    About the things people do that piss me off
  3. Matcha Latte Dreams
    A love song
  4. No, I Don't Want to Exercise with You On A Date (Never Ever)
  5. Bourbon Bellavitano
  6. I Can't Listen to Blink-182 Anymore Because of You (Fuck You, Yes You)
    A song about New York City in the summer
  7. Books, Bourbon, and Another Thing That Starts with B
    About self-deprecation and insecurity
  8. The Curious Case of David Duchovny
  9. I Give A Fuck About The Oxford Comma
  10. Dear Holden
    To the fictional boy who ruined me
  11. Proclivity to Pretension
  12. You're A Little Bit Salty, I'm A Little Bit Sweet
    A break-up song
  13. My Baby Blue
    A love ballad, to my car
  14. Do As I Say, Not As I do
  15. Goodnight Bushwick, Don't Wait Up
    A break-up song
  16. Busy Forever, See You Never