Such a fucking buzzkill tonight. Sorry kiddos.
  1. That my neighbor seems to think he doesn't need to have any regard or respect for his neighbors.
    I just found out he has noise complaints going back years. Nothing has been done in that time. He is a privileged male. I couldn't sleep until 3am on Saturday night because I couldn't fall asleep with all my the vibrations I felt through my bed frame. Another neighbor even anonymously called the courtesy patrol on him (which we were blamed for but let's not get into that, I'm fucking tired).
  2. That I can be disrespected, because I'm a woman and have no retaliation.
    One of my the backwaits at work today muttered 'puta' under his breath as I passed him today and I overheard him making fun of me for saying 'sorry' after running into people. The fuck? I've never done anything to him and yet he thinks he can behave like that in a professional environment. There is a hundred percent no way he would do that to any man.
  3. That in an exchange about said neighbor to the building manager, all I received was condescension and disbelief.
    He said its a 'he said she said' situation but like always, the default winner is the He.
  4. He didn't even reply to or address me directly. Just referenced my entire email in a response to my roommate I was cc'ed on.
  5. When I tried to get him up to speed about this neighbor and that he had grabbed my arm during a confrontation I basically received a, "well I can't do anything about it now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "
    'Well you should have told me'. A. You weren't the building manager then. B. Not being believed as a woman is pretty par for the course so yeah we usually don't get taken seriously, thanks for proving my point. C. I'm giving you information, maybe don't be a dick about it.
  6. Having this comment sink in.
  7. I let myself be a sucker again for a guy who loves to prey on my affection for him like a vampire to inflate his self-esteem.
    @dubstep @quixotic you both were so so right about that kid. He hasn't grown up and is pulling the same shit. So lame.
  8. My normally 45 min commute home from work was suddenly an hour and 20 for the last two days.
    Why universe, why. What is happening in the valley right now??!!??!? 😖😖😖😖
  9. I don't have any tacos I can eat in bed right now.