Inspired by the guy on tinder who asked me what else I hate after I started being grumpy.
  1. The feeling of wet clothes
  2. Being hot
  3. Being wet and hit with cold air
    I probably hate cats so much because I'm just like them.
  4. Overly peppy/cheery people
  5. Fancy cocktails that are very light on the liquor
    This seems to be an LA thing and I H8 it.
  6. Feeling itchy
  7. Terrible drivers.
    LA is FULL of 'em.
  8. Feeling trapped
    Physically, metaphorically
  9. Not being able to support myself with jobs I love at the moment
    Which fills me with existential dread for the future so on and so forth.
  10. Not being able to eat gluten.
    The fucking worst.
  11. Rich people.
    If you ever want to see a dark side of humanity, just work for rich people and the immediately curse your existence.
  12. Having to date
    Ugh I mean can't we fast forward to when I find a guy that is good for me and we can be disgusting besties who also smash butterflies?
  13. Waking up
  14. When people make fun of me
    It actually happens a lot. People seem to think I'm an easy target. Haha, your bad.
  15. That feeling of being exhausted but also so wired that you can't sleep.
  16. When I thought I had one more bite but I've already eaten everything. 😖
  17. Unnecessary noise.
  18. Migraines
  19. When people take dumb things way way too seriously.
    Please calm down.
  20. That the only bras that fit my monster knockers cost more than my weekly groceries.
    It's unacceptable.
  21. That women's clothing sizing doesn't make any sense.
    Convinced every clothing manufacturer arbitrarily decides their sizes completely and are not based on actual people.
  22. The patriarchy.
  23. Idiots
    LA is full of them. Beautiful, beautiful idiots.
  24. Having to deal with being an adult.
    Oh, it's the worst.
  25. Giphy