1. Almond and coconut Kind bars
  2. The Trust Me at Sugarfish
  3. Coconut La Croix
  4. In N Out Animal Fries with Chopped Chilies
  5. The butterscotch square from See's Candies
  6. The Arugula, pine nut and Meyer lemon salad at my restaurant.
    So simple, so incredible.
  7. Perfectly timed, witty one-liners.
  8. New Orleans iced coffees from Blue Bottle.
  9. The poached eggs over chickpeas in a tomato reduction with black rice and halibut fillets my restaurant made for SHIFT MEAL last week.
    Bananas. I will dream about it for the rest of my life.
  10. Feminism.
  11. My customized workbench desk
  12. Titanium coated Quartz
  13. Lattes from Vivace coffee Seattle.
  14. Nyx Matte Cream lipsticks
  15. Winding down Mulholland on my way home from work.
  16. Belting along to Panic!'s new album
    Ideally to LA Devotee while cruisin' down Mulholland 💅🏼
  17. How Death Cab For Cutie songs make me feel.
  18. Gloomy California days.
  19. Fucking with people.
  20. Venice beach at sunset.
  21. Hearing the applause and feeling the bright lights at the end of my performance.