His name is Dr. Pepper. The light of my life.
  1. Snubbed the barista
    I let him stick his head out my window in the drive thru. She started talking to him and told him he was so cute so he looked her right in the eyes and then hopped into the back seat.
  2. Stole my chocolate
    I was to enjoy a delightful 1.5inx1.5in square of chocolate that I had placed right beside me but it had quite suddenly gone missing. My puppy looked up at me and in a mom panic I pried his jaw open and extracted the intact square with my fingers. It was laced with cayenne.
  3. Licked up all the frozen Parmesan that had spilled on the floor flake by flake v quickly
  4. Snuggled his head against me and yelped along when he found me crying
  5. Then stood guard so no one would suddenly find me
  6. Moved his doggy bed to my doorway to stand guard
  7. Got v scared and peed all over my bed
  8. Then ran under the bed and I had to coax him out with a sweet baby voice
  9. Broke my heart by climbing into my suitcase
    Oh, that I could take you with me.
  10. Was this cute
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  11. Grade A snuggler
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  12. Making everything better since '01