1. Owning a walk-in closet full of clothes but wearing the same two pairs of pants, sweater and pair of boots every day.
  2. Talking about the patriarchy bringing me down.
  3. Thinking about all the things I need to get done today while staying in bed under the covers
  4. Taking it upon myself to prove to everyone that just because I have to have a gluten-free diet does not mean I'm healthy.
    GF cheesy poufs, pretzels, ice cream, brownies, chocolate bars
  5. Talking about Luke Willson and how much I want to kiss his face
  6. Really only listening to my Spotify Discover Weekly playlists anymore because they get me
  7. Staring at my guitar that's living in the corner and thinking about playing it
  8. Shoes over boys
  9. Talking about all the exercise classes I'm going to take when I decide I'm ready to exercise and exert myself regularly
  10. Dating pretty, bad boys I should not date. Leather jackets will sway me no more 🙅🏻
  11. Watching trashy supernatural shows
  12. Wearing my gray lipstick titled 'black sesame' that matches my two feelings
  13. Quoting Happy Endings every day of ma life