Things that happened at work today

Because is basically my diary right.
  1. Survived the last night of dine la
  2. Wore a wrap dress feelin fierce
    And everyone at work told me I looked good it was v cute I think I'll keep them
  3. Somehow managed to stretch my dirty straightened hair into a 3rd day by making a cute swoopy little half bun
  4. The whole staff told me that I was doing a good job and that I have my shit together
    At least at work, my god.
  5. Finished my last day covering for everybody's damn vacations
    Mine is at the end of the month woop woop
  6. Ate an entire bag of cough drops and still had a few doozies of coughing fits
  7. Tried to explain to the host that jokes about race are in fact not funny and are actually racist and no, I'm just too sensitive and that just because people do it all the time in Russia and Israel that doesn't make it okay?
  8. Also tried to explain to him that he has a lot of white male privilege and as a Latina woman i did not have time for his bullshit.
  9. Also had to explain to him the difference between weed and cigarettes ??
  10. Didn't get to participate in the end of week pizza party because everything was poisonous gluten 😞
    Delicious for everyone else. Very dangerous for me.
  11. I fit 216 people into the restaurant I AM THE PUMPKIN KING.
    I tired. #howamIstillsingle