They both work there. I'm not there to see him I'm there to see my buddy so. It wasn't much of anything so he really shouldn't be weird about it? It lasted like 2 weeks? What is actually wrong with him?
  1. We sat at the couch on the far end facing the bar
    It's never free or not reserved and it's in this cute book nook corner and we were pumped!
  2. It's on the far far wall right opposite the bar. Unintentionally as far as we could get.
  3. He's at his usual spot at the bar. Directly across. He starts craning his neck multiple times to look at me. Like so many that he just keeps popping up in the corner of my eye. Like he's trying to put himself in my eye line.
  4. Multiple
  5. Kept catching this bish staring
  6. Don't you have to do your job tho
    What is this nonsense
  7. He came out from behind the bar to the table in front of the bar, craned his neck HARD
  8. I continue to ignore him
  9. He then hides behind the pillar making drinks so I can't see him for a while
  10. Realizes I'm not making an effort to look at him around the pillar
  11. So he steps out from behind the pillar and continues to crane his neck.
  12. THEN when @gremlin goes to pay for drinks at the bar, I am left alone and exposed like a lil baby bird. Sipping my whiskey not giving a fuck.
  13. He quickly takes this opportunity to walk across the bar to a table by me to ask if they need anything and on the way back AGGRESSIVELY tries to catch my eye
  14. I half heartedly wink and wave or something I don't know I panicked a little
  15. He goes to the bar then immediately beelines back towards me as if he is on a mission
  16. And awkwardly stops in front of me and goes
  17. "Oh hey! How are you?"
  18. "Um, I'm okay. How are you?"
  19. "Oh you know, I'm good! Working!"
  20. He then proceeds to loiter for an awkward second and then take a REALLY long time to clear the table next to me. Like really long. Like he has the bar back tell him a story while they stop clearing and just stand there.
  21. Then speeds back with cleared plates and shit.
  22. What a fucking weirdo.
  23. Giphy
  24. Giphy