Inspired by @Fitz and like everyone else's which were awesome also like @lesbian @jessacosta. @gremlin wins at all these so she can give you tips
  1. Favorite female comedy writers/show runners s/o @mindy
    Let's compare lists!!!
  2. Weird snacks you like to eat
    Currently crushing on Brie sandwiches with potato chips as bread
  3. Serial killers and profiling a la Criminal Minds
  4. Matthew Gray Gubler
    And his drawings and his cool socks
  5. Weird dating stories
    The weirder the better
  6. This season of football, i.e. The playoff picture right now especially anything about the Seahawks
  7. Luke Willson
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  8. Star Wars theories supported by strong evidence
  9. Style/fashion questions or beliefs
  10. We don't have to talk about it, but if you like whiskey as much as I do
  11. Cool tattoo artists you like and tattoos you want to get
  12. Articles you've read and liked that deal with self-care, the acting industry, systemic sexism and racism or relationship psychology.
  13. A book you just finished
    I just finished Just Kids, let's discuss!!
  14. "Hey my job gives me access to these free things if you ever want any."
  15. Writing projects you're working on or aspire to write some day
  16. Gluten free recipes or restaurants you like
  17. The OC
  18. Emo music you used to be into and know all the words of
  19. Your favorite local coffee shops and why!!
  20. Anything Tim Burton
    Especially Nightmare, Big Fish or Edward Scissorhands
  21. Really well-acclaimed tv shows you just don't get the hype about