I watch a lot of shows so people are usually surprised to find out I have some glaring holes that make it seem like I really don't watch anything. I know. I'll probably get around to them eventually?
  1. Game of Thrones
    Always meant to but hearing about all this mishandled rape is very unsettling and deterring y'all.
  2. True Detective
  3. Luther
  4. Broadchurch
  5. Orphan Black
  6. AHS
    I stopped after the first season. I just never got on the train everyone else seemed to board. Maybe I'm just not super into being grossed out for funsies? Who knows.
  7. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
    This is pretty egregious and I feel compelled to apologize.
  8. Breaking Bad
    Okay, I started late but only made it to season 4, and it was a struggle. V confused, feel like I'm not in on something.
  9. Hart of Dixie
    I've been told I would like it. Am skeptical.
  10. X-files
    Apparently they filmed it right outside my town when I was growing up. And still!
  11. Fargo
  12. Empire
  13. The Walking Dead
    Again, tried and failed.
  14. Top of the Lake
    I always meant to.
  15. Gotham
  16. The Affair
  17. Ray Donovan
  18. The Americans
  19. Boardwalk Empire
    I watched the first season. Am starting to notice a quitting theme.
  20. The Fall