Shows that are awesome and enough people haven't seen for any legitimate reasons. Every time I tell someone to watch these they love them too.
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    Best Friends Forever
    Jumping off with my all time FAVORITE. It unfairly lasted 5 episodes and I loved every second of it. Quinetta is one of my favorite tv characters ever written. And Rav, dreamboat city. Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair are comedic geniuses.
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    Rookie Blue
    It just got canceled after 6 seasons but some people didn't know it was on the air! It's an awesome soap opera/ procedural mix that has plenty of that high drama, cop chase goodness and plenty of will-they-won't-they's. Sam+Andi=4ever. And Gayle is the shit. Plus a grown up Ephraim plays a cop!
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    You're The Worst
    This tugs right at my blackened heartstrings. All about two awful people who are mediocre at best at adulting and trying to figure out love. Perfect for cynics who love to laugh. Their newest depression story line? Oof hits close to home. But don't think it's soapy, it still makes me laugh out loud!
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    Some of the acting is ... questionable. But first season was 👌🏼 and the writing is sharp.
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    Every Bret Harrison show
    Seriously, this guy can't catch a non-cult favorite break.
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    I love British tv and it's definitely one of my favorites. It's like a Skins slant on Heroes. Some of the super powers are hilariously mundane, like having telekinesis over only dairy products. For you GoT groupies, Iwan was here first.
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    Also British, also awesome. I think Leverage was loosely based on it? About a group of grifters who have Robin Hood-like tendencies.
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    Speaking of... I think the target audience is like, my parents age. But similar to 👆🏼it's a group of criminals 'lite' who solve people's problems while confronting their own. Awwww.
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    Playing House
    Another gem from the Parham/St.Clair brain trust. About two biffles (they know their wheelhouse) who are hilarious and weird and trying to raise a baby together. So quirky and strange and right where my humor sensibilities lie. Zach Woods (one of my comedic idols) and Keegan-Michael Key also star. Currently fighting for a 3rd season. DON'T LEAVE ME.
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    I can only recommend the first season. But another British show, except for Andy Samburg? He's obviously hilarious and it's a great fish out of water show about a surprise husband moving into the family home. Vaguely reminds me of that Paulie Shore movie about the fake son in law or..? No never mind.
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    I hope you've see this. If not, really? How? Go watch it now! The principal in this is also the dad in 👆🏼and he's hysterical in a very blustery, British way.