And why I'm single AF. This is too long. Inspired by miss @jessacosta and all the ladies you should be dating like @k8mcgarry @DanaDigsYou @olive
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    Thank you draftmas or I would probably keep adding to this for the rest of my life.
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    I won't stroke your ego
    If I'm dating you then I think you're hot, intelligent, sexy and interesting. While it's something I'm working on, I'm not someone who's going to keep telling you I think you're cool. So if you're not super secure or vocal about needing it (even then I'm probably like Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―) this won't work out.
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    I'm a busy bitch
    I have a lot of shit going on. Day jobs + artistic pursuits + owning a business + keeping a social life + still kind of moving in. My mind is always in a thousand places. Not only do you need to be cool with that but also knowing that I'm not always going to be free that weeknight/weekend and am more likely to be free on a Tuesday morning in which I choose to write in a coffee shop. Want to join? If you can't deal, there's the door.
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    I'm gluten free
    Wheat makes me sick and my body hates it. Even touching something that has wheat/gluten in it gives me hives. If you can't handle that and really like wheat (??), then you know, there's the door.
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    I like things the way I like them
    Want to try new things as fun date stuff? Awesome. But don't think you'll change me 😎
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    Not wanting to get married doesn't mean I'll put up with your Peter Pan bullshit
    It's not out if the cards, but marriage has never been a goal of mine. But looking for guys that don't want marriage is a minefield aka usually garbage. It tends to be guys who just won't grow up and are closet terrified of commitment or they don't really respect women and are trying to get their count up like its a video game. No thanks!!!!!
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    I'm probably emotionally unavailable
    It usually takes a unicorn to really make me fall for them. Either that or someone who tricks me real good. But I'm not very good at opening up in general. You either have to be suuuuper patient and willing to crack this vault or really good at tricking me to open up with very carefully and slyly phrased questions. Even then, who knows how far the rabbit hole goes.
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    Sometimes I wear a lot of makeup sometimes I don't.
    My makeup amounts are usually based on my moods, or maybe if I'm feeling insecure that day. If you comment on how much or how little I'm wearing, there's the door. If you say I look tired when I'm not wearing any????? GET OUT.
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    I don't enjoy physical compliments.
    This seems to be the go to for guys. It's really nice when someone says I'm pretty, but it's not anything I accomplished? I used to try to be charming and joke, "I'll pass the compliment onto my parents." ☺️☺️😏 but you know what's so much better? Commenting on my intelligence or humor or maybe a a cute thing I do or how I make you feel. Or even how I look in this outfit! I'm difficult ✌🏼️and I know this makes me sound like bitch, sigh.
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    I'm a feminist
    Honestly, pretty surprised at how many guys are not on board with this yet. Maybe I just date garbage people and am too easily swayed by prettiness because I'm shallow? Whatever it is, I won't be cool with you assuming things for me, trying make me feel helpless, ordering for me etc. no thank you. We will not be subscribing to traditional gender roles here.
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    I don't want to gestate your offspring in my body
    Honestly? Babies are like little alien parasites that suck the life force from you. I'm sure all the parents are so happy they have kids, best thing that ever happened to them. But like, I feel bad for my parents because we've put them through a lot and if I don't get super successful will feel reallllllly guilty. I barely like other people in my apartment, so another person inside my body is a pretty tough sell.
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    I have to be the dramatic one, but I hate attention
    I'm the rare mindfuck of a low-narcissism actor. I hate things like karaoke, getting awards, speeches as myself etc. but I also have to be the person that is the focus, the exciting one with shows! And auditions! Viral video ideas! Web series! Reason 1 why I can't date actors. Pretty male actors usually want to be fawned over and have banners made for them with the accompanying Instagram posts. NOPE πŸ™…πŸ» I want the fucking banners ME ME ME
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    But I also hate relationship drama. Can you figure me out yet? Because I can't. Good luck!
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    You need to be on my tv level
    I like being social, and taking classes, and going out to eat, and trying new bars BUT my brain constantly whirrs like a little computer and I like watching tv shows at home in my Jim jams. I also like to keep track of shows since it's my biz. I have to watch episodes in order and keep track of what I'm behind on. It's ocd as fuck. Are you cool with watching whatever I'm behind on but also don't expect me to not watch shows so we can watch them together? Good otherwise hi, there's the door.
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    I have a lot of clothes and care a lot about what I'm wearing
    To me, personal style is all about how you want to present yourself. I like to lie to the world and present myself as a much more emotionally and financially stable person than I am. I care deeply about what impression I'm making. I will probably change my outfit four times and lie and say I don't care how I look at all and end up wearing the outfit I always wear. Just let it be. It's a cute quirk! If you call me out on it or repeatedly bitch about it? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ there's the door.
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    I also wear a lot of men's clothes
    If you happen to wear a small or mediums I can pull off as cute and oversized, I'll probably 'borrow' your clothes πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
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    I'm really fucking honest
    Sugar coating? Nope!
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    I don't consistently work out
    Sometimes I run every day for a 4 month stretch. Sometimes I get on a stretch of yoga. Sometimes I try new classes. Sometimes I only use my kettle bell. Sometimes I have a stretch where i don't work out AT ALL! That's okay. It's my body! If you're dating me for my body, and this really bothers you? Or someone who expects me to have a regiment or even worse, wants me to work out with them regularly 😧😧 That's probably a problem. Bye!
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    I do constant bits
    I make a lot of jokes, make myself laugh, am constantly coming up with funny script ideas. If this sounds shitty to you and you will 'joke' about 'turning it off'✌🏼️ Bye!
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    and let's be real, you're probably my Mr. Right Now For A Minute
    Aaaaand just realized that's probably not a deterrent.
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    But hey, I'll actually take that ⬆️⬆️
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