Of those seared into my memory. Inspired by @brookielyons 's stunning list.
  1. Hesitation and softness. A saccharine tinge of discovery.
  2. Earthy, reminiscent of moss, a dash of forbidden enjoyment and shock value.
  3. Bright, and fruity, a hint of joyful exuberance and innocence.
  4. Red wine and things falling apart.
  5. Sickly sweet and tangy, like a bandaid to a broken heart.
  6. Tequila and ice. Rum and mint. Seized opportunities and youthful decisions.
  7. Passionfruit. And more trouble than it was worth.
  8. Too much champagne, hint of orange and carried away celebration at the expense of another.
  9. A surprise. Soft, sweet, what I'd been waiting for but couldn't handle. What love could have been.
  10. Applejack brandy. The bitter aftertaste of time wasted on empty pining and witty retorts.
  11. Three bottles of red wine and illicit substances. Smoky embers of the past mixed with crispness of coincidences.
  12. Bourbon and expired, desperate lies, to hold youth in your hand like a prize.
  13. Complexity of craft ale and cocoa granola, pressure and heat.
  14. Sea salt and scotch, left to the imagination as you sailed the seas a landmass away with only your words to keep me warm.
  15. Marlboro lights, bitter despair and wistful regret, wasted second chances, what could have been if you had let us have a chance.
  16. Whiskey and unexpected contradictions. New possibilities and happenstance.
  17. Warm, sweet comfort, that flipped to metallic, dashed hopes in an instant.
  18. A warm hearth, the fruity tang of Pinot Grigio and an inescapable sprinkling of nostalgia and history.
  19. Fruity and tart. Like a mixture of old books and clean, white lines.
  20. Fresh starts and new beginnings.