Especially when the only ferry out of NYC leaves before the work day is over
  1. If you have the money, splurge on a flight and ignore the rest of this list.
  2. Never go to Nantucket for less than two nights. Your time in the car will roughly equal your time on the island.
  3. Bring car snacks! The Friday night/Saturday morning drive is a long one
  4. Give yourself an hour and a half of extra time for the ride up, enough that you'll probably make it, and the perfect amount of time in the rare case that there's no traffic for you to grab lunch/dinner before jumping on the ferry.
  5. Stay away from steamship authority unless you're taking the slow ferry. They don't allow you to reserve ticket in advance without a vehicle, but they also sell out of high speed tickets... I don't understand the business model either.
  6. Do take the highline ferry! You can reserve in advance for the high speed and it saves you so much stress on the waiting list (but if you don't reserve in advance and it sells out, put your name down on the waiting list. They normally let around 20-40 extra people on).
  7. Marvel at all of the adorable babies and play with the dogs on the ferry. It's a great way to meet people!
  8. Go to the beach on your first day. You'll be aching for it after the oceanic ferry ride - the water in Nantucket is perfect!
  9. Splurge on dinner. The best restaurants on Nantucket rival the best restaurants in New York.
  10. Wake up early on Sunday morning to watch the sailboats go off to race - then head to Black Eyed Susan's for brunch to see the magic happen
  11. Leave on the noon ferry if you can - you won't be stuck in too much traffic and you'll get home before it's dark.
  12. Finally, take pictures. Gotta get that gram