1. There is no traffic at 5:40 am on a Wednesday. That's how you got a speeding ticket in the first place.
  2. Get there as early as possible. 8:30 am if the building opens to the public at 8:30 am. They WILL call you into court in the order you showed up no matter what your summons time is.
  3. Leave your phone in the car. There are no phones in MA district courts, and if you have to go put it in your car, you'll lose the ability to be the first one in the courthouse (see above).
  4. Let the police officers laugh at you. They will when you tell them you were going the speed limit in the left hand lane. A lot.
  5. In MA, protesting a ticket is only to lessen your fine. If you want to commute your sentence (aka change your points) you'll have to appeal whatever the court decides and come back another day.
  6. Make yourself a victory playlist for when you leave the courthouse. You will feel like a badass. Mine included "ain't no other man" and "love on top."
  7. Nothing tastes as good as McDonalds chicken tenders on the way home.