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    How to deal with friendship breakups.
    Those are always tough. But, just like relationships, some friendships aren't meant to be. Some people are supposed to be part of our memories, not part of our destiny. And that's fine, it takes all kinds. Be thankful for the experiences you had because they let you grow. They made you the awesome person you are today. Maybe this helps:
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    How to keep enjoying things you shared after said breakup.
    Until you are ready it is okay to avoid places that still sting of the person you are learning to let go of. But keep in mind that pain is layered. While avoidance is okay in the beginning, eventually you’ll want to challenge yourself to heal completely. Consider revisiting old venues with a trusted friend. Then you can start to create new memories and associations. Start with where you are comfortable, and slowly begin to rewrite your own memories and stories. Those places can still be special.
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    How to cry less during conflict.
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    How to tell people you can't afford Christmas this year.
    Perhaps you can make a gift (such as a "coupon book" to dedicate meaningful time to spend with people, more ideas:, make a card, or write a thoughtful letter instead! Remember: Money can't buy time or heart -- and you have plenty of heart! ❤️
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    How to deal with bitchy customers.
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    How to not be such a pushover.
    Here are some guidelines to consider: . In case you feel like people are taking advantage of you, this is also a great article: