@paigeyp Here are some ideas that we hope might help! 😊 Original list: THINGS I WISH COST LESS
  1. Razor blades
  2. Gas
    Calculate Your Car's Fuel Efficiency to see if your car needs to be serviced and evaluate the impact of a change in gas prices! www.wikihow.com/Calculate-Your-Car%27s-Fuel-Efficiency-%28MPG%29 Did you know turning the nozzle upside down after you're done filling up will get you an extra 1/2 cup (4 ounces) of gas? And more tips: www.wikihow.com/Save-Gas
  3. Anything organic
    Tips to save: www.wikihow.com/Eat-Organically-on-Modest-Means DIY Organic Fruit & Vegetable Wash: www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Organic-Fruit-and-Vegetable-Wash Fact: Unless labelled "100% Organic," organic foods may still contain up to 30% GMOs www.wikihow.com/Avoid-Genetically-Modified-Foods Grow your own: Fresh sprouts (easy!) www.wikihow.com/Grow-Bean-Sprouts-Indoors Mushrooms (using Coffee Grounds?!) www.wikihow.com/Grow-Organic-Mushrooms Cucumbers, carrots, & garlic in pots, or an herb garden!
  4. Prosciutto
    You can try making your own! www.wikihow.com/Make-Prosciutto
  5. Framing Artwork