@sophia loved your list 💯💯💯 and they are all very doable! Original list: THINGS I'D LIKE TO LEARN
  1. How to do a cartwheel
  2. How to do a push up
  3. How to do a pull up
  4. How to not care when people don't like me
  5. How to eat fun foods like pizza in moderation
  6. How to drink enough water
  7. How to let go
    How to Let Go of Thoughts and Feelings: How to Let Someone Go:
  8. How to rest more but sleep less
    Start a "sleep diet": Be aware of How Much Sleep You Need: Extreme - Adopt a Polyphasic Sleep Schedule:
  9. How to be on time
  10. How to spell sans autocorrect
    Rules & practice!
  11. How to articulate things that I care and don't care about
    1) How to Express Your Feelings: 2) How to Be Articulate:
  12. How to wear heels for more than 2 hours
    Technique, types of heels, and ways to increase comfort: More on fit: