wikiHow articles meet lyric poetry in the book "How to Feel Confident with Your Special Talents" - titled after the authors' favorite wikiHow article ( Carol Guess is the author of 13 books and a Professor of English at Western Washington University. Daniela Olszewska has 3 forthcoming books.
  1. "Confidence will extend beyond your toes and your hair extensions."
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  2. "My therapist can beat up your therapist. Hand over your milk money."
  3. "Marry the stove. Marry the freezer. And when you kiss, weld your tongue to ice: burn."
  4. "A golden bullet will neither kill nor injure a werewolf."
  5. "Hearts are just circles with pointy chins."
  6. "I went to Craigslist and all I found was... god grades on the cross not curves."
  7. "Remember that computer-generated passwords make you look fat."
  8. "'How to Ignore Pain and Feelings' - At night your friends are all having fun without you."
  9. "How to Treat Cat Anorexia. How to Make Thin Lips Thick with 3 Shades of Lipstick."
  10. "Ignore monogrammed initials, or say it's part of the new design. Your new pet name for her."