2. Take responsibility for your own happiness.
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  3. Make good on your words.
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  4. Admit your mistakes.
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  5. Be realistic.
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  6. Listen to your partner.
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  7. Show your affection in whatever way you can.
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  8. Be loyal.
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  9. Do not ever hide anything from him/her.
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  10. Give him/her some space.
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  11. Express your feelings towards him/her.
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  12. Encourage him/her.
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  13. Always make sure to notice your partner and compliment them.
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  14. Sweet talking.
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  16. Revive date-night.
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  17. Practice forgiveness.
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  18. Laugh together.
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  19. Support each other.
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  20. Devote time to each other.
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  21. Develop better communication.
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