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    Psychic vampires (psi-vampires) are said to be people who drain "life force" or will from a susceptible person.
    In this article, a psychic vampire refers to the persons in your life who seem to be all take and no give, who drain your energies through relentless demands and taking advantage of you, leaving you feeling vulnerable, exhausted, and run down. Not all of those who could be viewed as psychic vampires are necessarily bad. It may be that you have a lot to learn about not letting people take advantage of you so easily or your friends who drain you haven't learned to respect people's boundaries.
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    Identify when someone is behaving in a way that undermines your energy or exploits you while fulfilling their own needs.
    There are intentional and non-intentional psychic vampires. Conscious or intentional psychic vampires are manipulative people who seek to take all they can from others without ever giving in return. Unknowing or non-intentional psychic vampires are people who manage to drain your energy through constant questioning and seeking ideas from you without really contributing anything novel of their own. Both types tend to see the world negatively and bring forth complaints as conversation starters.
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    Know yourself.
    People most prone to being drained of energy by others are people whose own boundaries are weak or ill-defined, and who tend to be people pleasers, unwilling to say "no" and afraid of ever being seen to let down anyone else. Get yourself checked out by a doctor before blaming people around you for "draining your energy". Talk to a counselor or therapist if you have problems with your emotions, feelings, and interactions with other people. Improve your fitness and immune system.
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    Find powerful ways to resist.
    The most powerful word is "no". Instead of allowing yourself to remain a doormat or people pleaser, learn to say "no" when you're not able to fulfill a request or demand, or you're not interested in doing what the other person wants. If your assertiveness skills are lacking, a psi-vampire personality will seek you out. Avoid people who drain your energy. Be polite to psychic vampires who are in positions of authority. Be particularly vigilant with people who know the effect they're having.
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    Don't believe that this person has a right to control your life.
    Power granted to another to control your life will usually be abused. By taking responsibility for your own life and removing the hold that the other person has over you, you will destroy the link that binds you to the psychic vampire. Believe that this person has no ability to harm or control you. Keep thinking this all of the time and it will rebound on the psychic vampire.
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    Find other ways to shield yourself from the psychic connection with this person.
    Wear colors of protection. Purple is the color associated with psychic protection. Build a psychic wall of protection around yourself, or a bubble of light. Seek to have their negativity and draining bounce off this wall whenever you're interacting with them.
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    Be responsible for yourself.
    Ultimately, it's unsatisfactory to move through life seeking to blame others for how you're feeling and to postpone your own responsibility to self-improve. While there are manipulative and difficult psi-vampire types out there, you're not helping by insisting it's all their fault. If you're putting life on hold and letting someone else direct it for you or push you where you'd rather not go, move past spotting the demons around you and start checking out the ones within.