1. The death roll is an infamous strategic maneuver used by crocodiles and some alligators in the wild in order to tear apart prey into chunks and make it easier for them to swallow.
    When doing a death roll, a crocodile will grab onto a limb or part of another animal with its jaws and roll until the part they grabbed is ripped off.
  2. Avoid close encounters with these animals.
    The best way to prevent a death roll, is to avoid contact. Crocodiles and alligators are powerful predators and deserve the respect and space they need. If you are in places where they might dwell, don't go too close, as they like to ambush their prey while being fully camouflaged. Don't stray alone in crocodile or alligator country, always be with at least one or two other people. Crocodiles and alligators are especially active at night since this is their prime hunting time.
  3. If attacked, be aggressive.
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    You should always try to get away before a crocodile or alligator initiates the death roll. You are not likely to escape by being docile, fight back. Hit it in the most sensitive spots, like the eyes for example.
  4. The death roll can be performed on land and in the water.
    If on land, don't allow yourself to be dragged into the water; if in the water, always make sure you can get plenty of oxygen to avoid drowning.
  5. If the animal starts to roll, roll in the direction with them.
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    You can easily receive great bodily harm to whatever part of you is caught in the animal's jaws if you don't roll with them.
  6. Once the animal releases you, get away.
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    The death roll uses up a lot of energy and stamina in a crocodile or alligator, and leaves them virtually immobilized while they try to regain all this back. A couple of consecutive rolls will probably cause the animal to release you, giving you time to escape.
  7. If you are unable to roll with the animal, an alternative method would be to "hug" them.
    Latch onto them by grabbing either the body or snout to avoid any risk of tearing a limb off.
  8. Seek medical help.
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    Even if you escape, you're not totally out of the woods yet. Crocodiles are known to have one of the strongest bite forces on the planet and can also contain dangerous bacteria in their mouths. It is important to reach medical attention as soon as possible.