We're all born with talents that set us apart from the crowd, special traits that make us who we are and shape our life stories. You've got to cultivate and celebrate what makes you unique! Realizing your talents and having the confidence to share them will help you reach your full potential and feel more satisfied in life.
  1. See that anything can be a talent.
    Some people immediately know what their talents are, but in other cases it can be hard to identify something as a talent. But any type of activity you can execute with skill and ease, any activity that feels natural to you, can be a talent. As George Lucas once said, "Everybody has talent, it's just a matter of moving around until you've discovered what it is." So what are your special talents?
  2. Find talents you've been hiding.
    You probably have some special talents that have been latent since you were a kid, or talents you never exercise because you don't really see them as worthwhile. Maybe you even find them a little embarrassing. But if you're good at something, try to make it a part of your life. Ignoring a special talent will make you feel like something is missing.
  3. Don't judge what makes you special.
    There is something valuable and special about every talent, not just the in-your-face impressive talents. Embrace the talents you were born with and decide you're going to make the most of them, instead of wishing you had a talent you don't. There's a place for every talent, a role for everyone to play. Once you see this, you'll start gaining confidence. Realize that just as you don't have everyone else's talents, they don't have yours, either.
  4. Save yourself from getting stifled by others.
    Sometimes our natural talents get obscured when we live by others' expectations of what we should be good at. If you've been living, working or going to school in an environment in which your talents aren't acknowledged, you might be confused as to what they even are at this point. Remember that your talents are what make you you, and they can't be dictated by anyone else. They're part of your natural makeup. Don't be embarrassed about your talent!
  5. Embrace your talents.
    Be grateful for them. It's easy to repress talents or waste time wishing you had talents you don't, and a lot of people get stuck in a rut doing just that. That's why once you've identified and embraced your special talents, many people would consider you to be very lucky.
  6. Practice your talents.
    The power to be great at something is inside you, but that doesn't mean you'll excel without practice. The most talented musicians in the world spend hours practicing every single day, exploring the depths of their abilities. It's the same for any type of talent; you have the natural ability to exercise it, but you'll have no idea how powerful your talent can be unless you practice, practice, practice. As you start feeling out your talent, confidence in your abilities will soon follow.
  7. Learn everything you can about them.
    Do some research to find out more about how you can explore your talents. Whether the talent you want to learn about is something lots of others share or it's extremely unique, there are bound to be books, articles and interviews you can read on the subject.
  8. Find a mentor to teach you more.
    Finding a good mentor or role model to help you develop your talent is invaluable. Seek out people who have been practicing the same talent and can share their wisdom with you and help you grow. For example, if you're a talented but inexperienced salesperson, pay attention to people who have been at the company longer than you and have a lot to teach you about the business.
  9. Bounce back from failures.
    Just because you're talented at something doesn't mean you're going to execute it perfectly every time. Don't give up when you fail, which you almost certainly will from time to time. If you hit a wall when you make a mistake, you'll never get to realize your full potential. As the indisputably talented Thomas Edison said of his most famous invention, “I didn't fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”
  10. Don't worry about what other people think.
    The journey of discovering and nurturing your talents might be intimidating or confusing to other people. Maybe you used to hang out with your friends every Friday and Saturday night, but now you're reserving more time to work on your writing. Your decisions won't always make perfect sense to other people, but as you gain confidence and pride they'll come to see that your talents are part of your identity, and they aren't going away.
  11. Share your talents with others.
    One of the best things about special talents is that you can use them to bring joy to other people. Think of ways you can share your talents to make the world a better place. Share your talents with friends, family, and people you've never even met to get the very most out of the special gifts you were born with.
  12. Teach others more about your talents.
    After you've practiced your talent and gained confidence and experience, you might want to teach what you've learned to other people. People with raw, untrained talent could use your expertise!
  13. Consider making one of your talents your profession.
    If you have a talent about which you are so passionate that you want to do it all day long, every day, you may want to look into finding a way to get paid for it. The sweet spot where talent, desire, and money intersect is a recipe for most people's dream job. If you think your talent is something people would pay you to do, you might want to give it a shot.
  14. Be open to exploring new talents.
    There's no need to limit yourself by thinking that your talents are finite. In fact, as you gain life experience and confidence, you'll discover more and more hidden talents throughout life. Whenever you try something new, there's a chance you'll find a talent you never knew was there. Learn how to recognize and cultivate your gifts as you discover them, no matter what they are.