Other Sample Games include: Jeopardy!, The Bachelor, Downton Abbey, Survivor, and The Apprentice. Make your own game: www.wikihow.com/Exercise-While-Watching-TV
  1. When someone mentions the size of the TARDIS
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    Wall sit for 20 seconds
  2. When the Doctor saves the day
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    10 push-ups
  3. When a famous historical figure has a cameo
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    15 reverse crunches
  4. When weird alien biology is discussed (add a set if it’s about the Doctor’s hearts)
    10 tricep dips
  5. When they arrive on an alien planet, and everyone speaks perfect English
    Superman for 30 seconds
  6. When you’re confused by the progression of time
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    20 punches
  7. When inanimate objects become animate
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    High knees for 45 seconds
  8. When someone has to run for his or her life
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    15 crunches
  9. When a rescue goes wrong, and the Doctor needs to come up with a plan B
    Plank for 30 seconds
  10. When a catch phrase is mentioned (“Fantastic,” “Allons-y,” “Bow ties are cool,” etc.)
    Running in place for 1 minute
  11. When a random Dalek appears
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    20 tricep dips
  12. When The Doctor wings it (add a set if everyone expected him to know what he was doing)
    15 jumping jacks
  13. When the TARDIS has a rough landing
    20 squats
  14. When the Doctor tries to convince an alien race that humans aren’t horrible and/or the scourge of the Earth
    Bicycles for 30 seconds
  15. When someone uses the sonic screwdriver (add a set if he or she attempts to use it on wood)
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    10 lunges
  16. When the Doctor draws attention to or adjusts some item of his clothing (add a set if the adjustment is made immediately prior to the Doctor running for his life)
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    20 calf raises
  17. Or use the same concepts to Make Your Own Drinking Game! www.wikihow.com/Exercise-While-Watching-TV
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