Here are some tips to help you leave the car with flair and not a flash of underwear. For the full article:
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    Prepare your clothing.
    Prepare your clothing. Before you even open the door, get your skirt or dress ready for your exit. If you're wearing a miniskirt, pull the cloth down to cover as much of your thighs as possible. If you're wearing a longer skirt, dress, or train, pull it down to cover your knees and push any excess fabric toward the center of the car so that it doesn't get caught around your feet when you exit.
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    Open the door as far as you can stretch your arm.
    Don't lean out of the vehicle to open the door, but make sure it's open far enough that you can exit gracefully. If your date or chauffeur opens the door for you, all the better.
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    Keep your knees together and put your feet on the ground.
    Try to keep your knees together throughout the movement
  4. 4.
    Swivel your hips and upper body towards the door.
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    Help yourself up with your hands.
    Place your hands on the seat on either side of you, and push yourself up out of the car. Keep your hands low to give yourself better leverage and to appear more graceful. Try to rise smoothly. Alternatively, you can use one hand to boost you up, and the other hand to hold down your skirt flat against your body as you stand.
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    Dip your head slightly as you get out.
    Showing your underwear is embarrassing, but hitting your head on the way out of the car is even worse. Gracefully dip under the top of the doorframe.
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    Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground before stepping away from the car.
    If the pavement is uneven, or if there's a curb right next to you, the first step can be disastrous, especially if you're in high heels. Be aware of where you put your feet, and watch your step.
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    Even if you're careful, you might end up showing a glimpse of your underwear.
    Make sure they're flattering just in case.
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    Practice makes perfect.
    The steps above should be performed quickly and should appear effortless. Practice in private before you go out, and have a friend watch you so you can make sure you look good and you're not showing off your underwear.
  10. 10.
    Don't bend back into the car to retrieve something.
    You don't want to ruin the effect of your graceful exit by immediately bending over awkwardly and possibly showing your underwear.