This article was inspired by this quote: "Love yourself first and everything else falls in line." - Lucille Ball
  1. Ask yourself: Who am I?
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  2. Ask a friend who knows you well to help you.
  3. Look up the meanings of words that you’ve designated as your weaknesses and strengths.
  4. Look at your list of weaknesses.
    It's important to acknowledge the things about yourself that aren't helping you to feel more fulfilled or successful in life. But don't be too hard on yourself––remember that this is your list and it's all going to be worked on, with clarity of perspective.
  5. Learn to be humble.
  6. Keep it real.
  7. Stop telling yourself negative stuff.
  8. Speak to yourself as if you were your friend.
  9. Never put yourself down.
  10. Make peace with yourself.
  11. Keep learning and allowing yourself to change.