You need an evenly-sized, robust miniature watermelon and a 375 ml (12.6 fl oz) bottle of vodka.
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    Using a sharp knife, cut a circle (also known as a "plug") in the skin of the watermelon large enough for the funnel to fit in. πŸ”ͺ
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    Cut deep enough to reveal the red flesh of the watermelon fruit inside because the flesh needs to be in contact with the bottle for this to work. Don't throw away the "plug", as this can be reused later for transporting the watermelon. Pouring in small amounts of vodka from different holes will be likely to distribute the alcohol more evenly than diffusion from one hole.
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    Pour the vodka with into the exposed fruit via the funnel.
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    It will possibly take several turns to completely empty the bottle into the watermelon. Note that this recipe will work best with seedless watermelons.
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    Gradually keep adding the vodka until the entire bottle has been absorbed into the fruit and has diffused through the watermelon.
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    This may require you to come back and add more over several hours. Another approach is to place the bottle direct into the watermelon (using good force) and ensure that it cannot move. If you prefer this method, leave the bottle in place until it is emptied out.
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    Wait a little longer after the vodka has been emptied into the watermelon.
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    This will ensure that the watermelon has absorbed all of the delicious flavoring. Depending on your watermelon size, this may take quite a long time; it can take a day (or sometimes longer). Given that you're dealing with perishable fruit and non-perishable vodka, keep the watermelon refrigerated while waiting for the vodka to seep through. Another variation is to freeze the whole watermelon for 24 hours after the vodka has been added. This will provide an ice cold refreshing treat.
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    Stick in the original watermelon plug, or a cork or wrap something over the hole.
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    This is to stop anything getting into or out of the vodka-infused watermelon when transporting it to a party. Keep it upright when carrying.
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    Slice the watermelon, serve and enjoy.
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    Only give to persons over the legal age for the consumption of alcohol as it is definitely pure alcohol. Share it around with lots of people too; while a whole mini-watermelon isn't very much to eat by yourself, a whole bottle of vodka is a lot of alcohol to consume.
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