1. Figure out the real issue.
    Laziness is generally a symptom and not the problem itself.
  2. Focus on the actual problem.
  3. Get organized.
    Having clutter around us -- even when it's just visual -- can be a huge downer to our motivational skills.
  4. Monitor that self-talk.
    Sometimes behaviors cause thoughts and sometimes thoughts cause behavior. Cover your bases and get rid of the negative inner dialogue.
  5. Practice mindfulness.
  6. Think of the benefits.
  7. Jump out of bed.
    Your mind will follow the cues your body is giving it. If you jump out of bed, you must be ready and raring to go.
  8. Set some achievable goals.
    By setting yourself some worthy yet attainable goals, you have something to look forward to.
  9. Make a checklist of the desires, goals and motivations you want to move towards.
    As you power through them, check!
  10. Regularly revisit the importance and value of the problem or goal.
    Part of the success behind having a goal or finding a solution depends on reminding yourself of why it matters.
  11. Tell yourself you can do something.
    Action changes everything. One moment you're passive and frozen; the next you're digging in and changing things simply because you moved, decided something or got out there. You are not defined by what went on before –– you are always in a position to reinvent yourself and make change happen.
  12. Iron your clothes.
    Let's say you're staring at your computer and all the would-be papers you wished would create themselves right now. Give it up. Instead, do something teeny, like ironing your clothes. You'll get out the iron, get out the board, get out your shirt, and five minutes into it you'll think, "Why am I wasting time ironing my clothes?" You'll put it down, be a little more awake, and get going on what you actually wanted to get done. And the other upside? You'll have a pressed shirt.
  13. Exercise.
    The benefits of exercise are innumerable, really, but one of the main ones is to feel more energized 24/7. It gets your blood flowing, your metabolism up, and your body in an energized state that lasts practically all day. If getting going in the morning is an issue for you, exercise for even 15 minutes. You'll feel more lively through the afternoon.
  14. Dress the part.
    The easiest way to start on that path to change? Dress differently.
  15. Start.
    Overcoming the initial inertia that is natural for most human beings faced with difficult situations or tasks will immediately ease the pain of avoiding it.
  16. Take your time.
    It's vital to break down your job into small steps. The smaller things are, the more accessible they are and the more doable they seem. When you actively seek a way to do a task or reach a goal that involves a sense of control and takes a relaxed approach, you'll feel capable rather than threatened. Often laziness is about feeling overwhelmed by everything and giving up because the mental hurdle before you seems too huge. The answer is to trust in the power of small.
  17. Give yourself pep talks.
    You'll feel motivated by giving voice to your actions.
  18. Ask for help when you need it.
    Many people carry around an unwarranted fear that it's wrong to ask for the help of others. Whether this has developed as a result of an earlier unkind encounter, a stifling educational experience or a fiercely competitive workplace, it's an unhealthy attitude toward life. We are social beings and part of our existence is about sharing and helping one another. Getting from "me to we" takes a little practice but it's an important part of growing and ceasing to struggle alone.
  19. Get real with yourself.
    Self-discipline involves doing what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not. No matter how early your training begins, this remains the most difficult lesson to master. Strike a healthy balance between being lenient and strict with yourself and prioritize business over pleasure.
  20. Don't give up.
    Realize that interruptions happen, often for no reason, and they'll upend your efforts. Rather than letting setbacks demotivate you, see them for what they are and refuse to be flattened by them. You got this.