Your boss doesn't have to know! 😼 With a few "sneaky" tools and a little ingenuity, your kitty can be sitting shotgun next to you at your desk.
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    Assess your cat's personality to decide if he is the sort of cat that could be happy and quiet at work. 🐈
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    Smuggling Kitty into work won't be a good idea if your cat is a proud and independent roamer who has activities you don't even have a clue about for most of the day and/or night. If he is the type to hop in and out of the cat door regularly, he is going to find being confined in a small bag a day of nightmares and the yowling will definitely let the cat out of the bag even if the clawing doesn't.
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    Consider the way you get to work. 🚲
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    Is your cat a seasoned traveler? Does he mind car or public transportation travel? Is he even allowed on public transportation? Are you strong enough to carry him on your bike or by foot? These are all very valid considerations.
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    Check the weather. β˜€
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    Is it too hot, too cold, too wet or too windy to be carrying your cat around? Use your own good sense of judgement as to whether the weather is an issue for carting around your feline pal, especially if you're subjecting him to non-car travel. In particular, remember that cats are prone to heatstroke, so don't place him in any situation where this could be a problem.
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    Choose a day that isn't heavily mired in away-from-desk obligations. πŸƒ
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    Preferably, choose a day when you can get away earlier than usual, so that your feline pal is only there a few hours.
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    Be absolutely certain of where your boss and other co-workers will be throughout the day. πŸ‘€
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    This will enable you to ascertain the best way to get your cat into the office and away from everyone. Mentally review your boss’s schedule in order to determine if there are any opportunities where you might get caught. For the cautious cat smuggler, try the following tip: Know the layout of your office so that you know precisely – in particular, know your boss's line of sight to your desk or workspace.
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    Prepare the cat's necessities. ⚠
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    Buy or find a ventilated bag, preferably one that will conceal your animal and allow you to bring cat food, treats, quiet toys, a soft blanket and even a travel litter box. Make sure that the bag is not a designated cat or animal carrier - the cat will certainly be out of the proverbial bag if you sneak the cat in using a cat carrier. 😹
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    Start bringing the bag to work at least one to two weeks prior to sneaking the animal into the office. πŸ‘œ
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    That way, everyone will be used to seeing you carry "your new" bag and not suspect anything out of the ordinary.
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    Purchase a cat harness and a leash.πŸ‘Œ
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    Even if you typically don’t harness or leash your cat, you'll need a system to keep him nearby. Get the cat used to wearing the harness and leash a few days prior to sneaking him into work.
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    Pack everything you’ll need into the bag to determine if you can fit all items inside.
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    Stuff the food, harness, leash, toys, litter and blanket into side or surrounding pockets. If your travel litter box will fit, add the box, but be sure you can still fit the cat into the bag the next morning.
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    If the cat doesn’t fit or seems cramped, reconfigure how you packed your travel bag.
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    A squashed cat 😿 is not the target of your mission. Any items that will not fit into the bag comfortably (when your cat is inside) should be either left at home or could be transferred to your purse or possibly to another bag, made to look like "all that extra work you did at home last night". However, be careful because bringing too many bags into the office may draw attention toward you - the idea is to bring one bag containing the cat for the total sneak attack.
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    For a smooth transition from home to office, prepare your cat bag a few days before you plan to sneak your cat into work.
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    Do a test run by packing the bag and then add the cat. The cat may need some practice being inside the bag so give him time to adjust and see the bag as a safe place. This is a good time to discover your cat's suitability or otherwise to participate in this venture. Don't just leave him in the bag. Walk around with him in the bag and try travel with him too. You need to know what he's capable of before carrying out operation cat sneak.
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