1. Autistic individuals have experiences that may be very different from yours, but there are still ways you can relate to each other.
  2. Every autistic person is different, so it's important to understand them as a unique person, just as you would any of your other friends or loved ones.
  3. Consider what you expect of others: understanding, acceptance, kindness, thoughtfulness.
  4. Work on communicating unconditional acceptance in your words and actions. Remind them that it's okay to be different, and you like them just the way they are.
  5. To relate to someone requires that you know where this person is coming from, so it is very helpful to learn about the challenges an autistic person may be facing, as well as their strengths, passions, interests, and individual personality traits. Learn How to Relate to an Autistic person here: http://www.wikihow.com/Relate-to-an-Autistic-Person