Use slightly stale marshmallows for best results. The hardened marshmallow may make them easier for carving and holding the Jell-O.
  1. Remove the marshmallow middle using your spoon.
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    Dive spoon halfway down into the marshmallow and scoop out a small pocket.
  2. Prepare Jell-O.
    Pour mix into a bowl and add 6 ounces of hot water and 6 ounces of vodka. Whisk well to combine. Allow Jell-O to cool but not set.
  3. Pour Jell-O into marshmallow pocket.
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    Because this can get messy you may want to use an eye dropper to transfer the Jell-O to your marshmallow pocket.
  4. Refrigerate shot until Jell-O has set.
    Consider lightly covering shots with plastic wrap to protect your shots from absorbing any other odors in the refrigerator. Add wooden skewers once Jell-O has fully set.
  5. Toast marshmallows.
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    To make them extra yummy, add this additional layer of booze to this shot. Pour rum into a small bowl and then dip the marshmallow into the rum. Hold over a flame until marshmallow ignites. Blow out flame and eat.