Share some personal insight with us! What's something you learned only experience can teach you?
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    Don't teach a cat to flush. 🐈🚽
    Turns out if you do, they end up flushing the toilet all day long. This is something a user shared with us on How to Toilet Train Your Cat
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    Wear a helmet. 🚴🏼😲
    Suggested by @dev
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    Drive slowly by elementary schools, even on the weekends and even during summer.
    This is dark. When I was a kid, I was in the backseat of a car driven by my friend's mother. It was in the summer, and she hit a kid in front of an elementary school. He came out of nowhere. She was only going like 20 mph, but the child still almost died. As an adult, I'm really aware of kids when I drive, especially near schools and playgrounds.
    Suggested by @biz