1. wikiHow is the social anxiety bible
  2. Apropos of nothing, I just crushed hard on a wikiHow cartoon girl #smdh
  3. basically paying 9000 a year to go on wikiHow and teach myself the course
  4. WikiHow has taught me more than my own mother
  5. really into the idea of all culture being interpreted through the lens of wikiHow
  6. tbh I don’t know how but I can wikiHow it bruh
  7. one of my favorite things to do at night is lay in bed, get on wikihow, scroll to the bottom and click on “surprise me”
  8. I have the wikiHow app I am unstoppable
  9. if you ask me questions about life i will probably just send you a link to a wikiHow article so I mean save a step
  10. Wiki how taught me so many things my mother never taught me! Like how to use a dish washer or laundry machine
  11. I didn’t come to culinary skool to fuckin learn how to make pork tenderloin. I can wiki how that
  12. Just got to know sharing your knowledge feels so good: that someone will be benefitted. Wrote for wikiHow.
  13. Wikihow is teaching me more on how to do this essay than my professor did
  14. when all else fails, wikiHow has my back :-) thanks for helping me remove cactus needles from my hand. You’re the real MVP
  15. 90% of my reading is on @wikiHow
  16. idk i'm not wikihow