Evolution of Me in Pictures

Only age 0-14 because i don't really have much of age 15-17. Not in exact order because I can't accurately tell how old I am in the baby pics.
  1. 1st month alive!! Held by grandma and grandpa in Newton, MA where I was born
  2. Aw what a cute picture
  3. Daddy and I!!
  4. Mommy and me!! First time visiting Miami with my family (I have lived in Miami now since I was 6)
  5. My 1st bday :)
  6. A week after I turned 5 yrs old we went to this lake (I don't remember it though lol)
    This is an iconic picture of me because it's candid and I was such a skinny little stick!! Forever a gem
  7. Age 8- my little convinced me to go on this ride. (She's sitting behind me) Oh well, at least I got. The perks of being skinny/small-framed.
  8. age 8
    At my sister's friend's bday party I got my face painted. It's pretty good, if I do say so myself.
  9. Age 9. My 9th bday. Excuse my "I'm feelin' myself" pose
  10. Age 10. Disney cruise!! I miss those shorts lol 😅
  11. Age 14