1. 1. Super awkward & clumsy: Occasionally almost trip over your own feet. Awkwardly teeter and try not to fall over lots of stuff lying on the ground. (At my work-inside a classroom) Be super quiet, barely talk, except for when someone asks me something or when my friend at work talks to me.
  2. 2. Eat super healthy except for the occasional treat. Fruits & veggies, lots of carbs 💪🏼 potatoes, pasta, bread- do not be afraid of them! Our brain runs on carbs (glucose)
  3. 3. Procrastinate on school work. Need I say more?
  4. 4. Dread going to my afternoon job, and then get ready to go to my job. :/
  5. 5. Babble and lecture my sister at home about anything that comes to mind. (Health, politics,etc) Which usually results in her being uninterested. What did I expect? We're 6 years apart!