1. Kid me: (age 8 to 12)
  2. Fave foods: cherries, pistachios, pasta, quesadillas, any junk food
  3. Fave hobby: play outside or read
  4. Fave game to play: Apples to Apples or Red Light, Green Light (outdoors)
  5. Fave place to go: the park or a friends house
  6. Fave movie: Mrs.Doubtfire
  7. Fave book: Out of my mind by Sharon Dreaper
  8. Me now: (age 17)
  9. Fave foods: mango, grapefruit, all fruits, sweet potato fries, avocado, anything healthy.
  10. Fave hobby: daydreaming about unrealistic things, writing lists on paper, and reading (ha, I've been doing all 3 of these since I was a kid)
    Also thinking of what I should make for breakfast the next day
  11. Fave game to play: "how many hours can I switch back and forth between the same two apps"
  12. Fave place to go: my bed after a tedious day of work
  13. Fave book: Everything, everything by Nicoka Yoon OR Free to fall by Lauren Miller