What My Weekdays Look Like in Gifs

  1. Wake up and....stretchhhhh
  2. Wash face & brush my teeth: I used this gif cause I started laughing so hard
  3. Then I drink water. Then I eat some fruit
  4. Then I go outside for a walk
  5. Then I come back home and eat my breakfast
  6. Then I do my online college classes
  7. And then some more
  8. I I'm hungry around 11 am I have a snack
  9. And then to finish for the day!!!!!
  10. 12-12:30 is like my free time where I lounge around but after that I have to make lunch and get ready to go to work. I leave at 1:45 pm
  11. Eat lunch
  12. Leave to work
  13. Come back at 5:45 pm. Change. Eat dinner. —> this describes me perfectly (I love pasta)
  14. Catch up on stuff on my phone for 2 hours.
  15. Go to bed. Ahahhaha classic Lorelai