Last year I took my daughter to a Bring Me the Horizon concert and had the enjoyment of seeing PVRIS as well. I love PVRIS so I just enjoyed them, but I hadn't really listened to BMTH so I was farther back in the crowd. These are some things I learned that night but really they are true for any and every concert.
  1. If you are going to jump up with your arms in the air, you need to make sure your deodorant is extra strength. For real.
  2. Also sometimes you should put the phone down and simply enjoy the show. Yes, it is awesome to have some of it recorded to remember, but not every second. The best memories will be of the performance itself, not of your screen. Trust me. My favorite concerts were NIN, Ozzy, cell phones at those originally. I still remember them.
  3. If you decide to film anyway, jumping up and down while filming ruins your videoing. So; other than annoying everyone around you, you have no purpose. Put your phone up son
  4. Politeness is not lost. For the most part, people are still nice. If they bump into you, they will apologize. Be respectful and do the same.