I am addicted to snap chat filter masks. I do not snap. But I find myself opening he app each day to see what new faces/masks they have. I am not a selfie person but I think I have taken a ton since I discovered both MSQRD and the snapchat filters. And since absolutely no one looks at my lists I am going to post some here.
  1. I love this one. It is new today and I will be sad when it's gone tomorrow. I love the ears and the glowing green eyes.
  2. See how cute are these ears? Just ignore my face.
  3. Fire skull. Love this one too. :)
  4. This one is just creepy. Too bad this format only does square photos.
  5. Nurse death? I'm glad I do not really look like this. I'd scare the crap out of my patients. Yikes!
  6. Creepy panda anyone?
  7. Gold face. I loved this one but it's gone now. Soo pretty.
  8. Suicide Squad. Also a favorite. Also gone. Bummer.
  9. Another panda that's gone now.
  10. Mona Lisa. This one is just...bad! Lol
  11. Better grab the Rock Salt and call the Winchesters...
  12. Oh Dean... You have a family of demons that need your attention. Lol
  13. We all go a little mad sometimes.
  14. Resting bitch face to a new level.