Wherein I list topics getting a lot of media coverage that I just can't be bothered with, because life. 🙄
  1. The Bachelor
    When will it end? Why do people still watch?!
  2. David Bowie
    I hate cancer and am saddened by any untimely death. But beyond the Labyrinth and Flight of Conchords, he wasn't relevant in my life. He only impacted me indirectly and in ways I cant specify. I don't disregard his contributions, I'm just not moved by his death the way everyone else seems to be.
  3. Why Leonardo DiCaprio acted weird when Gaga walked by
    Why does anyone care?!
  4. Whether Ricky Gervais offended anyone
    Doesn't he always? Isn't everyone always offended anyway?
  5. If Jennifer Lawrence was rude
    Was she? Was it a misunderstanding? Isn't she allowed to be rude sometimes? People are frequently rude to her, I'm sure. Who cares?!
  6. If Gwen and Miranda like each other
    We'll never know and why do we need to know?
  7. The Powerball
    I'm not going to win and anyone who does will probably have their lives ruined. So, I can't care.
  8. Football
    Is the season over yet?
  9. The presidential race
    Can we PLEASE narrow the field so that I can start caring?
  10. Who was best and worst dressed
    They were all dressed better than me in my $15 sweatpants.
  11. El Chapo
    I guess I should care, but...I don't.