1. Undertow, Michael Buckley
    YA novel about a girl living in a broken down Coney Island town who falls in love with the prince of a different (alien?) species who have risen from the sea. Subtexts of racism and bullying. Really wonderful.
  2. The Astrologer's Daughter, Rebecca Lim
    The protagonist (the astrologer's daughter) tries to be invisible and completely self reliant, but when her mother disappears she has to ask for help from a couple of unlikely characters, including a handsome classmate who she thought hated her (okay, shades of Twilight here, but still).
  3. All the Old Knives, Olen Steinhauer
    A reunion of two spies six years after they were lovers and involved in a hostage situation that went terribly wrong and was never adequately explained.
  4. The Martian, Andy Weir
    I hesitated to read this one because it sounded so bleak, but once I read it, I really loved it. Haven't seen the movie yet, although it's on my list.
  5. The Passenger, Lisa Lutz
    One of my favorite scenarios--heroine leaves home and reinvents herself.