Nightmare dressed like a daydream ????
  1. BEYONCÉ in all caps always
    I'm finally training it at least to accent the e. It's a matter of respect.
  2. Beyond to BEYONCÉ.
    It usually works
  3. Anything close to hahahaaha to HAHAHAHHAAHA
    Makes me seem way more enthused than I actually am, and manic
  4. MAISIE, all caps
    Always excited @maisie (but now just associating you with the CLASSIC Disney Channel Original Movie 'Pixel Perfect' -- thanks @bjnovak , love it)
  5. LU, all caps
    Excitement for my friend LUCIE, but causes confusion as I refer to a lot of people as LU @Lucie
  6. LUCIE, all caps
    Learned that the hard way (^above^) @Lucie
  7. Will to WILLA, willa, Willa
    Also happens on my computer. Actually very tough because I never catch it proofreading and then my name is just randomly in the middle of my essays
  8. it to if
    This might just be a common typo of mine, but often makes me seem a lot deeper
  9. "Do" to "kdm"
    tswift, kdm, and the beatles. Catchiest songs of all time
    Suggested by @LucieRae