1. "Wow you're lips are amazing. Do you have injections?!"
    No. I'm 12 and at the farmer's market. But thank you?
  2. "You are tooooooo nice"
    I know, and it creates a lot of problems in my life. Also, I just don't feel comfortable around you if that is the vibe you're getting.
  3. "You make me a better person/want to be a better version of myself"
    I don't really get what this means but it's SOOO MUCH PRESSURE
  4. "My mom would be so happy if I just dated you."
    I most likely like your mom more than I like you. But this is just weird. Glad you don't find me attractive? Glad that you're thinking of using me to help fix that relationship? Glad someone would be happy if I had a boyfriend?
  5. "I just want my son to date someone like you!"
    Again, a lot of pressure. But I'm glad someone thinks I'm datable. But this one does not ever result in any actual dates. Mostly said son is dating someone NOT like me. (I'm hoping) in a few years, this one might actually get me somewhere?!
  6. "I love your style, you always wear the same thing!!"
    Uuuuuuuuh I know I only wear dark dark shades of black blue gray but I'm really trying to spice it up sometimes!!!!! Also makes me feel unhygienic and I'm so clean
  7. "You're so well-adjusted"
    Only got this once but it really fucked with me because it's SO WRONG you think you're my friend BUT YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL
  8. "You are so strong." (Emotionally. Definitely not physically...)
    Genuinely appreciate people recognizing that I'm taking things in stride but this often feels more like a command or attempt at hypnotizing me. Also, makes me feel like I can never be weak. Not that I really know what either of those mean. But like I can't breakdown when I need to. And everyone needs to breakdown sometimes
  9. "Like you just don't care what people think of you!"
    This isn't said in like a badass DGAF way, this is like you will openly admit you love pop music and Taylor Swift and embarrass yourself constantly. All true. But I do care? But maybe I don't.
  10. "You have the most interesting nose. Just fascinating!"
    Uh oh